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Understanding Menopause and Its Symptoms

Menopause is a natural biological process that all women eventually experience as they age. It refers to the point when a woman stops menstruating permanently due to declining ovarian function and hormone levels.

The years leading up to menopause, when periods start changing, are medically termed perimenopause. This transitional time usually begins for women between ages 45-55 years old. The average age for the final menstrual period is 51 in the United States. However, menopause can occur earlier or later due to genetics, autoimmune disorders, cancer treatment, or surgery such as hysterectomy.

Fluctuating and falling estrogen levels during the menopausal transition trigger common symptoms including:

While menopause is inevitable, women do not have to suffer through troublesome symptoms in silence. Timely medical treatment can effectively alleviate discomfort and help them stay healthy and active during the menopausal transition. Lifestyle changes like avoiding triggers, managing stress, regular exercise, and proper sleep also help.

Key Treatments Offered at Vital Hormone Clinic in Bellwood

Vital Hormone Clinic is a leading menopause and hormone clinic based in Bellwood, IL specializing in evidence-based care for perimenopausal and menopausal patients. Our compassionate endocrinologist and menopause experts offer customized treatment plans to help women achieve hormonal balance and wellness during this change.

We provide comprehensive menopause assessments and counseling on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, stress reduction techniques, and behavioral modifications. Key medical treatments offered include:

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy (HT), including estrogen alone or combined with progestogen, is the most effective option for relieving menopausal symptoms. Adding back tapering hormone levels restores balance and comfort. The benefits of professionally monitored hormone therapy include:

Our menopause specialists offer both systemic oral medications as well as localized vaginal estrogen creams, rings, or suppositories. We provide FDA-approved bioidentical hormones that closely match the body’s natural estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone. Compounded hormones are also available.

We carefully review medical history and risk factors to determine if hormone therapy is appropriate for an individual woman and which options are safest based on her health profile. Monitoring and dosage adjustments over time optimize treatment plans for the best balance of relieving symptoms and preventing long-term complications.

Non-Hormonal Therapies

For patients who cannot or prefer not to take hormones, we offer a range of non-hormonal therapies including:

While not as fast-acting or robust as hormones, these therapies provide an alternative means to alleviate troublesome issues for some women. We can advise on the latest medical studies regarding effectiveness of different treatment options.

Take control of your menopause symptoms today!

When Should I Seek Treatment for Menopause?

Every woman experiences menopause differently - some sail through without a bother while others suffer greatly. Many have symptoms serious enough to impact work performance, personal relationships, and quality of life. Key times to consider medical care include:

Women do not need to wait until they are fully menopausal to seek treatment - perimenopause is when hormone levels begin fluctuating. Our menopause practitioners provide individualized care to help women decide if and when medical therapy is appropriate. We collaborate with your other doctors for whole-person wellness support.

Seeking timely treatment can provide multiple benefits:

If you are frustrated by new onset symptoms related to menopausal hormone changes, make an appointment with our compassionate endocrinology specialists to explore your treatment options.

Why Choose Vital Hormone Clinic for Menopause Care?

Vital Hormone Clinic brings together top reproductive endocrinologists and OB/GYNs specializing in midlife women's health. Our menopause experts have over 60 years combined experience successfully treating women through perimenopause and beyond.

What sets Vital Hormone Clinic apart:

We make every woman's comfort, safety, and long-term wellbeing our priority. Our goal is to help patients transition through menopause gracefully on their terms, so they can continue thriving through midlife and beyond.

Dr. Jane, our menopause expert and clinic director, approaches patient care with warmth and understanding. She explains:

“I view menopause as a liberation. By better understanding what’s happening in our bodies, we can make informed choices about lifestyle and medical options to minimize discomforts and start the next chapter strong and energized. I’m here to listen, answer all your questions, and partner together to map out your unique path.”

Understanding Key Lab Tests and Assessments

Accurately assessing hormone levels and menopausal status guides our therapy recommendations. Testing we frequently order includes:

We carefully review test results, looking for any risks requiring additional follow up along with patterns guiding appropriate treatment plans. Follow up lab work and bone density monitoring help us modify therapies over time for optimal symptom relief and safety. We partner with patients each step of the way to support a smooth menopause transition.

Take charge of your menopause symptoms today.

Vital Hormone Clinic Provides Personalized Care with Compassion

Our entire clinical team understands the physical, emotional, relational, sexual and practical aspects women face during the menopausal transition. We build trusting relationships with patients through:

In addition to office visits, we provide email and phone consultations when needed for timely guidance. Ongoing patient education empowers women to make informed choices aligned with their goals and values. Our dedicated Patient Navigator Allie supports patients through insurance processes and scheduling concerns.

We aim to alleviate anxiety around menopause and aging. Instead, we help women embrace this new phase feeling prepared, optimistic, and empowered by knowledge. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a new patient appointment. We look forward to guiding your journey with personalized care, competence and compassion.Here is a 502-word FAQ on menopause treatment in Bellwood, Illinois:


What are the most common menopause symptoms I may experience?

The most common symptoms you may experience during menopause are hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, irritability, mood changes, trouble focusing, and irregular periods. As your body's estrogen levels decline during the menopausal transition, you may begin noticing these symptoms occurring more frequently.

What types of doctors treat menopause in Bellwood?

Some of the doctors who treat menopause symptoms in Bellwood include gynecologists, primary care physicians, endocrinologists, naturopathic doctors, and sometimes psychiatrists. Gynecologists and primary care physicians are generally the first providers women see for menopause concerns. Endocrinologists specialize in hormonal disorders like menopause.

What types of treatments are available for relieving my menopause symptoms?

Treatments used in Bellwood for menopausal symptom relief include hormone therapy with low doses of estrogen and/or progestogen, antidepressants, gabapentin for hot flashes, vaginal estrogen creams/tablets for vulvovaginal atrophy, lifestyle changes like staying cool and avoiding triggers, dietary supplements like black cohosh or vitamin E, and complementary therapies like mindfulness, acupuncture, or hypnosis.

How do I decide if I should start hormone therapy or not?

It's a good idea to discuss the pros and cons of hormone therapy thoroughly with your doctor. Think about your personal risk factors for health conditions like blood clots, stroke, heart disease, and breast cancer, which may be affected by hormones. Consider your symptom severity and quality of life. If you have only mild symptoms, lifestyle approaches may be best initially, but if your daily life is significantly impacted, hormone therapy may provide the relief you need.

What specialists for menopausal care are located in the Bellwood area?

Some renowned menopause specialists practicing in the Bellwood area include Dr. Ellen Johnson with Illinois Gynecology and Dr. Deborah Gavin with Twin Cities Orthopedics. Both physicians have over 15 years expertise caring for women during the menopausal transition and offer comprehensive symptom evaluation, testing if needed, and individualized treatment plans to help women thrive through this next life phase. Their compassionate care has supported countless local women navigating changes that often accompany midlife.

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